Q:What kind of amplifire recommend ?
We use a stereo amplifier for sub woofer and AV amplifier (7.1 CH or more recommended) for front center surround, sub woofer. There is no designation by the manufacturer, but our company uses ONKYO, Pioneer, DENON.
All amprifier are need 4 ohms operation. If the output is about 20 W or more per channel, you can enjoy it with sufficient volume.
Q:Will it break even if I use a large output amplifier exceeding 100 W?
Distance between each speaker and listnner is very close. So basically small wattage is enoug for sound operation. However big output amplifier still no problem because all of each unit have protection circuit.
Q:What kind of connection cable use for amplifier ?
From back of VRS-1 connected 4m each of three speaker cables which are all Left channels, sub woofer and all Right channels.
End of all speaker cable are "Banana-plug type. It is very each to connect to Amplifier.
If your amplifier have other type of speaker terminal, please cut the speaker cable at near banana-plug by yourself.
Q:How connect to 7.1 channel Av amolifier ?
If you use with 7.1 channel AV amplifier, one method is not use 4 pcs of ceiling speaker or pair connection of each 4 pcs.
Exsample Surround + Height Front, Surround Back + Height Back etc.
Q:What size of TV recommend ?
This speaker designed use with 55inch - 65inch 4K TV. And listnning position is 1.0 -1.2m from TV screen.
If you use more large size TV, it makes more large sinema image. However VRS-1setting position should be more far from TV screen and it is front and center speaker position also far from screen. It become voice not fit to on the screen position.
If you will use small size TV, it still feel large surround image by VRS-1 sound.
Q:How mutch height of seet adjutable ?
VRS-1 attached 20mm and 30mm thickness ring which making 0, 20, 30 and 50mm adjustable.
Please adjust in case of body size, use shoose or not etc.
Q:My height is small. Is it still avairable ?
If you remove all the adustment rings and it is still high, pleae remove the attached cution. this speaker surface have 50mm of urethane layer. So comfort is not so bad..
If remove the cushion, the height of the ear changes greatly, we recommend to adjust the speaker distance and sound pressure level setting of the AV amplifier.
Q:I am rather fat and big, but is it okay ?
About the seating surface, the entrance width is about 60 cm, and the seat has 70 cm width. There are widths where two people can sit together even if two adults of 120 to 130 kg are crowded together so even those who are considerably fat can sit.
The height of the ceiling has about same height as the Benz S class and the BMW 8 series. I think most people will be fine.
Q:Do not get tired even if you sit for a long time?
  I am sticking to cushion, such as using low fendure cushion at the waist part, correspondence to everyone is difficult.
If you feel comfortable do not fit. Please devise such as replacing with a commercially available cushion.
Q:Will not the inside become hot?
This speaker is a passive speaker, the amplifier of the heat source is not built-in.
Also, speakers do not need so much power to listen, so it will not become hot.
However, since the air conditioner's wind does not hit the inside directly, it is better to keep the room at the proper temperature early in order to make it suitable for the inside of the speaker.
Q:How do you do set up of this speaker?
First spet is the base set in the installation position. Next, put the height adjustment ring in to the pole, then insert the lower part into the base pole.
Next, fix the headrest with a screw. If you will change the position of table, please use the attached hexagonal wrench to change it to the right.
Set the cution and check the seat height. If you will change the heght, you can adust by attached adust ring.
After inserting the fitting pin attached to the left and right front of the upper part into the receiving hole of the lower part, put the back side into the groove neatly.
Finally, it is completed by connecting the cable coming out from the upper inner side to the lower part.
Q: Can the mini table be removed or replaced on the other side?
 The mini table is fixed with 2 hexagonal screws of M5. The same dummy screw is also attached to the opposite side. You can remove and replace the table by attached hex wrench..
It might be a good idea to set the mini table on the left side and use it as a VR headset hook.. Since this table is not made for the headset, it is better to use dirt such as dust accumulates on the lens when using it, or devise such that no burden is placed on a part of the pad of the headset.
It might be good to make your own controller table using the left and right screws and M5 insert nut.
Q: Can I enjoy 5.1 channel DVD etc as well?
 If it is a work by an excellent sound engineer, you can enjoy a wonderful sound field feeling with this speaker even with 5.1 channels.
Q: Can I enjoy stereo sound as well ?
Normally you can enjoy very wideband sound with L / R speakers and subwoofer. You can also enjoy sound field processing and surround sound. 
Q: Why does not it incorporate an amplifier?
For operation of this speaker, you need AV amplifier and also Stereo amplifier. Advancement of the amplifier is very fast compared with the speaker, and if the amplifier is built in, the entire speaker becomes obsolete with the times. However VRS-1 have not built inn amplifier and you can use this speaker even if you change new amplifier.
Since it does not have an amplifier built in, it does not care about the problem of heat inside the speaker, it gets better, and in the midnight use there is also a merit that it is easy to lower and turn down the volume of the subwoofer.
With the built-in amplifier, you need a power line and a signal line, and one line to the speaker will be increased
Q: Will not your eyes get bad if you look so close to the big screen TV?
The influence on the eyes when viewing the screen is said to be a problem with the distance to the screen than the size of the viewing screen. This is because the burden on the muscles that adjust the eye's crystalline lens is determined by the distance to the screen, not the size of the screen. VRS-1 audition is over 1 meter, and it can be said that the burden on the eyes is much less than looking at personal computers and mobile phones.
Q: Some times I feel the sound image in the center of head.
Sometimes when you watch dramas or listen to music videos with VRS - 1, you may hear the sound from your head. This is called in-head stereotypes, and most of the sounds in the headphones sound like this, so if you get used to it you will not mind. In VRS - 1, although most sounds can be heard from the outside of the head such as the front and the periphery, I feel unnatural if there is sound that can be heard from the head. It is thought that this happens when sound engineer record the sounds by one microphone in the room with less reverberation, such as a studio, separately from the picture, as it is, to the same left and right sounds recorded. When you feel this, you listen with your head inclined to the left or right, then you will not mind.

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