11.2 Channel Chair Style Speaker VRS-1

By combining this speaker with a stereo amplifier and AV amplifier, you can enjoy a world with a realistic feeling of 3D sound field with high sound quality that you have never seen before in movies and music videos, as well as games and VRs. In VR, 3D surround image and 3D surround sound combine making highest reality feeling.
For business use, there are many applications such as relaxation room, nursing home, recreation center, Hotels, Large Cruise Ship, VR experience at museums, demonstration at showroom, Private theater house and use at event venue etc.



Main Features

1. In order to make correct surround sound system, you do not need to do hard work such as installation and wiring of many speakers, you can enjoy surround sound easily and with an ideal speaker arrangement without damaging the ceiling and walls.

2. You can obtain a sufficient volume feeling without having to sound the loudspeaker at a loud volume because the distance between ear and speaker units are very closed. (about the middle between the normal speaker and the headphone).
Also, due to the high sound insulation shell and the sound absorbing material on the inside, it is difficult for internal sound to leak outside, and surround sound can be enjoyed laudy sound with deep bass in the apartments or private room (sound pressure reduction effect of -20 dB or more).

3. The shell with high sound insulation reduces external noise, so you can enjoy the sound in a quiet environment in the chair even when the surroundings are noisy, you can immerse in sounds and screen.

4. Each unit developed by our company for this speaker, we realize ultra wideband playback from 30 Hz to 55 KHz or more.
Base sound is same level as 38cm Woofer! Caused by Shell shape and Special base designed including shell acoustic effect.

5. VRS-1has built-in 11.2 channel speakers, it can support amp output in many formats such as 7-1-4 Dolby Atmos, 5-1-2 Dolby Atmos, 7.2 Surround and so on.

6. We are also paying attention to seating comfort, such as by using low rebound urethane in part.

7. When transporting and relocating it can be split by 3 part whichi is upper, lower and stand. So even a narrow door can be carried into the room (minimum width 70 cm at the time of delivery).

8. All channels have a speaker protection circuit, so it has high reliability.


Front L/R:8cm 2-Way 8 Ω max. 100W
Center :8cm 2-Way max. 100W 8Ω x 2
    Phantom sound by two speakers.
Surround :5cm 8Ω max. 100W x 8
      Side L/R, Rear L/R, ceiling x 4
Sub Woofer L/R:16cm max. 150W 8Ω
Outer size :W995 x H1,340 x D1,080 mm
Weight  :93Kg ( Upper part 23Kg, Lower part 44Kg, Base 26Kg )
* Minimum size is 70cm. Please check your door size before install.


・AV Amp. : 11.2 Ch AV Amp ( more than 7.1 ch AV Amp. )
・Stereo Amp : Pre-Main Amp. or power Amp.
・TV: 50~55 inch 4KTV
・ Blue Lay Player
・ Game : Play Station 4-Pro.
・ VR Head set : Play Station VR
・Speaker: Audio Heart VRS-1