It is a preview image picture of VRS-1. I listen with the big screen in front of you.

listening reference.jpg

Installation space for TVand Speaker.

The installation space of the AV · VR system using a 55-inch television is 1.3 m x 2 m approximately.
There is no problem in opening either side left or right.
Music Chair Setting VRS-2 -1.jpg
Music Chair Setting VRS-2-2.jpg

About the size of television and audition distance.

This speaker is made on the premise that it is combined with a 55 - 65 inch 4K television. This is the size of the TV where the hand reaches amps installed on the TV stand while sitting on the speakers and the screen is nearly full of field of view. For a 55 inch 4K screen, the listening distance is generally considered to be about 103 cm. Since the position of the face of this speaker is about 3 cm behind the center of the leg, the distance between the screen and the center of the leg is 1 m.
The optimum distance which is The shortest distance that can approach the display so that the viewing angle of the screen can be increased without concern for the roughness of the pixel varies greatly depending on vision.
For reference, I made a list of screen size, eyesight and optimum distance, please refer.

Distance EN.jpg

Setting of AV amplifier.

The setting of the AV amplifier is very important for playing more natural sound.
The setting values based on the distance calculation and the sound pressure measurement by pink noise + A - curve are shown below. In actual listening, elements on the software side are also added, so please adjust the optimum value based on this value further.
Naka, AV amplifier is DENON AVR-X6400H
Subwoofer amplifier is used in the state of Vol. 5 using DENON PMA - 390RE.
AV amp setting.jpg

For use, please also refer to Q & A together.

Usage Notes

This speaker realizes the sense of localization by the virtual sound image. Please be careful not to use children under 12 years old whose development of regrettable regret is still immature.

 This speaker has a sound insulation effect that can obtain a sense of volume without issuing such a large volume and that the sound inside the speaker hardly goes out. However, the heavy bass sounds tend to be transmitted very far, and the dynamic range of the speaker is wide, so there are times when I hear it with a large volume, and in the late night etc, the heavy bass may become a troublesome in the neighborhood. Since there is enough range to enjoy only main speaker / center speaker even without sub woofer, consideration such as lowering the whole volume at the time of midnight use and turning off the power of sub-woofer's amplifier please.